Gorilla Voltage – The Lost Tapes

During the recording process of Ape-X, 12 songs never saw the light of day… Until now!

The Lost Tapes or is it apes? Is the latest edition of MNE’s “Welcome to the Underground” collection dropping on Friday, August 17th

Track Listing:

  1. Now and Forver
  2. Cold Cold World
  3. Concrete Sea
  4. Go Big
  5. Apezilla
  6. Lie
  7. Hella White Tiger
  8. What’s Real?
  9. Hand Up
  10. Dreams
  11. Fuck Shit Up
  12. No Rest

Pre orders are live now including the CD on it’s own, or a CD/shirt bundle:


This album will also be available in Australia at the MNA Shop upon release date for our Australian fans: