Bukshot added to AON VIP’s

The Attack of the Ninjas is so close now…

Bukshot has just been added to the VIP experience!

Get your VIP packs while you still can, they’re almost sold out!

These include:

  1. 1 meet & greet with (Twiztid, Jellyroll, Blaze, Boondox, Alla Xul Elu, G-Mo Skee, Axe Murder Boyz, Lex The Hex Master, The R.O.C and NOW Bukshot)
  2. 1 AOTN VIP Pass Download Card (given to you at the show)
  3. 1 TICKET to Attack of the Ninjas
  4. 1 Giant Subway Flag themed to AOTN
  5. 1 Exclusive AOTN snap back hat
  6. 1 AOTN bottle opener lanyard (given to you at the show)
  7. 1 AOTN Draw String Bag
  8. 5 random MNE CDs
  9. 1 AOTN Sticker
  10. 1 AOTN Hat Pin
  11. 1 8×10 flat from each of the artists
  12. 1 Ticket to Unity Fest (Featuring Zodiac Mprint, Underground Avengers, and appearances by Alla Xul Elu, and MORE! (Taking place on Nov 2)

Get yours here: