Attack of the Ninjas VIP

The Attack of the Ninjas VIP’s are almost sold out…

You have been warned!!!

These include:

  1. 1 meet & greet with (Twiztid, Jellyroll, Blaze, Boondox, Alla Xul Elu, G-Mo Skee, Axe Murder Boyz, Lex The Hex Master, Bukshot & The R.O.C.)
  2. 1 AOTN VIP Pass Download Card (given to you at the show)
  3. 1 TICKET to Attack of the Ninjas
  4. 1 Giant Subway Flag themed to AOTN
  5. 1 Exclusive AOTN snap back hat
  6. 1 AOTN bottle opener lanyard (given to you at the show)
  7. 1 AOTN Draw String Bag
  8. 5 random MNE CDs
  9. 1 AOTN Sticker
  10. 1 AOTN Hat Pin
  11. 1 8×10 flat from each of the artists
  12. 1 Ticket to Unity Fest (Featuring Zodiac Mprint, Underground Avengers, and appearances by Alla Xul Elu, and MORE! (Taking place on Nov 2)

Get yours here: