UGH 70 Hosted by Alla Xul Elu

Underground Hustlin 70 is hosted by our very own Alla Xul Elu and available at the MNE Store right now:–Standard-Cover-and-Alternate-Cover-Bundle_p_2736.html

More details here:

This bundle includes the standard version with 4 panel insert packaged in slim line case PLUS the variant cover complete with 2 panel insert, double sided tray card and clear jewel case; this extremely limed version of UGH70 hosted by Alla Xul Elu will complete any underground audiophile’s collection!

Track List

1. Billy Obey – Intro*$
2. Skeptik (feat. Billy Obey, Intrinzik & THC the Oddity) – Burn You Alive [prod. Stir Crazy & Intrinzik]$
3. Skeptik (feat. Lee Carver, Intrinzik & THC the Oddity) – Where the Fuck You At?*$
4. Skeptik (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Jamie Madrox & Intrinzik) – Cemetery Home [prod. Intrinzik & Stir Crazy]$
5. Intrinzik (feat. Joe Black, THC the Oddity & Skeptik) – Straight to Hell [prod. Stir Crazy & Intrinzik]$
6. DieNasty the Mexican Thuggalo (feat. All Xul Elu, Keagan Grimm & Krypto Man) – Some Say We’re Evil*$
7. McNastee (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) – Dead Don’t Sleep*$
8. IR8 (feat. Lee Carver & Intrinzik)*$ – Burn
9. Intrinzik (feat. Monoxide & McNastee) – Skeleton [prod. Pagan & Stir Crazy]$
10. DieNasty the Mexican Thuggalo (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Krypto Man & The HOF) – Dead Gangsta*$
11. DieNasty the Mexican Thuggalo (feat. Jamie Madrox, Blackfoot505, Krypto Man & Will F.M) – I Am the Best*$
12. Jynx INC (feat. Just Cauz & Flex 45) – Bootstrapping*$
13. 3rd Tripp (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) – Nobodies*$
14. Morbyd – No Escape*$
15. The HOF – Les Cauchemar (The Nightmare)*$
16. Demintid (feat. F3TUZ) – Contingency Plan$
17. Down South Devilz Rejectz – JezelBub [prod. DuB3030]
18. N3kr0t!k – Genetic Repo
19. Daygo Strange – Handle Biz
20. VXNXM94 – Rotten Mind [prod. Ruler Why]
21. Trashzilla – Ladyboy Love
22. Whisper – Backwoods [TPACC Theme Song]
23. Travis T – Wake Up [prod. Infidel Beats]
24. AJ Jordan (feat. Lazy Ass Destroyer) – Just Have Fun
25. Blackfoot505 – Blood Pop
26. Intrinzik (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie & McNastee) – Klepto [prod. Pagan]$

* prod. Stir Crazy
$ mixed by Intrinzik