Creatures for a Cure Art Print ft. Jamie Madrox

Check out the details of the “Creatures for a Cure” limited edition Horror Art Print:

“Creatures for a Cure” Hand Signed (19 artists) Limited to 95, Fine Art Print $75.00 for a limited time.

Two Years to complete the project. From Josh Werner on June 25th, 2018 to Dan Dougherty on December 10th, 2019, the original art traveled 1,893 miles to 20 of the leading illustrators / artists, who individually added their character to a blank sheet of paper. On December 10th, 2019 Mark Bloodworth created the background art that linked all the characters into the finished original.

Greko Printing and Imaging prepped the artwork and produced the high quality prints and posters for the project.

On January 9th, 2020, the first artist, Dedd Fredd, signed the limited print edition and from there the prints traveled 1,906 miles, artist to artist with each artist signing the limited prints. The final signing by Avell Jones, was on May 19th, 2020 completing the project.

The project was a great undertaking. Thanks to Don England, Steve Bejma, Tony Miello for assistance in completing the project.

The artists included: Joshua Werner, Bruce Gerlach, John Marroquin, Jamie Madrox, Seth Damoose, Bill Pulkovski, Tony Miello, Steve Bejma, B.K. Taylor, Mark Bloodworth, Jason Moore, Steve Sharar, Arvell Jones, Don England, Marianna Pescosta, Dedd Fredd, Nate Pride, Vince Locke, Michael Woolsy, Dan Dougherty and colorist Katja Ragnar Fox.

The 11” x 17” limited edition print is limited to 95 prints, not the planned 195 prints. Each print is signed by 19 of the artists, each signature is in pencil (not printed). One artist, Marianna Pescosta, was not able to sign. Marianna lives in Italy and shipping concerns prevented us from sending the prints to Italy.

The prints are printed on 80# archival paper and shipped flat in a Mylar sleeve.

For a limited time, each print sells for $75.00 and we will include two posters to view the artwork without marring the limited print.