Knuckle headz toys presents TWIZTID! 

Knuckle headz toys presents TWIZTID!

Featuring 8 points of articulation in a stylized 1/8 scale action figure

Realistic detail, characteristics and customized features bring Twiztid to life in these 6 inch action figures

Each Figure comes in a Fully custom detailed full color box perfect for collectors

Signature axes for chopping and slashing everything in their path

Now you can have hours of action figure fun and create your own adventures of Madrox and Monoxide

Get yours now while supplies last

Each figure comes in its own separate box and will be shipped together as a set of 2, you will get one Madrox and one Monoxide figure in separate boxes along with a full color 8×10 flat of the Knuckle Heads toys autographed by TWIZTID!

Get yours:–Pair-Of-Individual-Madrox-Monoxide-Figures_p_3054.html