Twiztid “Unlikely Prescription” Pre Orders

Pre Orders for Twiztid’s upcoming rock project “Unlikely Prescription” are live now…

Choose a bundle at the MNE Store:

Track List:
  1. Corkscrew
  2. Twist & Shatter
  3. Broken Heart
  4. Confused
  5. Neon Vamp ft. Dani Filth
  6. Comes With An Apology
  7. Rose Petal
  8. Dead Instead
  9. Parasite
  10. Perfect Problem
  11. If I Get Things Right
  12. More Than A Memory
  13. Envy ft. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills
  14. No Change ft. Matt B of From Ashes To New
  15. World Of Pretend

It drops September 10th!