Rydas vinyl

For the first time ever, The Rydas self titled album has been released on colored 12″ vinyl and limited to 500 copies!!
Artist: The Rydas
Title: The Rydas
Track list:
  1. The Saga Continues
  2. Ain’t Callin You Gangsta
  3. Fuckin Rydas In Here
  4. Y’all Crew Ain’t Nuthin
  5. We Got Mad Slugs
  6. 100% In My DNA
  7. We Violent
  8. How A Ryda Ride
  9. Put That On Everything
  10. Run
  11. Dump Dump

Grab your copy while you can: https://www.mnestore.com/The-Rydas-12-Vinyl-Record_p_3382.html