MNE :You’re about to hit the road with Twiztid on the 15th annual Fright Fest! What’s this mean to you?!

Billy: Honestly couldn’t be happier to share our first real tour with the Demented Duo. I’m expecting batskulls in candy pales and bath salts for all. If we don’t leave behind an impressive body count I will be truly disappointed in us. Heads will roll and the congregation will sell their soul! Souls are currency for The Almighty if you weren’t informed.

Lee: It’s very surreal. It’s very symbolic for me personally. Halloween for me has always been synonymous with underground shows. Especially Twiztid.

Joe:  To me it means that the end of the fucking world is near! It also means to me that with right amount of grinding and luck any fucking thing can happen.

MNE: What’s the best thing about Halloween to you?!

Billy: Masks and slutty Harley Quinn costumes.

Lee: Masks obviously. But, also the death of Summer. And the sun. Fuck the sun.

Joe: Just the overall feel of it. I love everything about fall in general. To keep it generally short and sweet, I’ll only touch on one of like a hundred sacred reasons. I love the fact that for typically a whole month, the world is a lot more accommodating to me and my kind. Culminating in the climax of Halloween, the one night of the year when the chances of you getting fingered by a ghost increase tenfold.

MNE: There’s a purge announced for tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Joe: The first thing I’m going to do is soak the outside of a condom in bear mace and put it on about 5 minutes before the purge begins. Because there is this giant 600 pound mean ass Jamaican lady that lives across the street and she’s always giving me the rape eye. I imagine it’s because I’m ugly, and she assumes Ill fuck her, which is half true. I would also assume rape is a go during the purge, my crippled ass can’t run, and my front door nor bullets will stop that under sexed over sized “bitchemoth”.

Lee: Make sure Joe is safe.

Billy: Crack and star in my first 80’sesque slasher.

MNE: Who wins Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers and why?

Billy: Well, they’re both family men but I would have to put my ducketts on Katy Pery.

Lee: There are too many variables at play here! Where is this fight located? Is Michael wearing coveralls made of Pamela’s old sweaters?!

Joe: I’ma have to go with Jason because of the supernatural elements. Also Kane Hodder is a juggalo. He also has a nice grip.

MNE: What are your thoughts on The Underground scene in 2018?!

Billy: The wicked shit has been lying dormant. It’s time for the Olde Gods to arise and wake it up.

Joe: I think the underground is in the best shape it’s been in for years, talent wise. Especially with MNE out here making dreams come true, giving underground rappers a legitimate reason to grind hard as fuck. We should be a prime example of that to every underground cat out there putting in work.

Lee: It’s been our destiny to emerge in our scene at this specific time and speak to the people who are ready to hear our message.

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