MNE – You’re about to hit the road with Twiztid on the 15th annual Fright Fest! What’s this mean to you?!

Bukshot – I’m pretty hype about it! I’ve been a fan of those guys for many years, and now I’m rocking on the same label with them! To do any show with them would be bad ass, but in my opinion, rocking the Fright Fest Tour with them is like the pinnacle of Twiztid touring in general, so this is going to be next level! UGA has never toured before, so for our first tour to be rocking it with THEM for the Fright Fest Tour?! Heads are going to roll this October!

MNE – What’s the best thing about Halloween to you?!

Bukshot – I’ve always had a love & passion for the dark, evil wicked shit! I love the whole idea of it! Sick masks, costumes, haunted houses and forests, horror movies on repeat all over television and shit! All that shits is just dope to me! That’s exactly how I love my music too! Plus the weather is breaking out of all this heat! It’s time for the spirits to rise once again this year!

MNE – There’s a purge announced for tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Bukshot – Pull my list out and start routing the quickest travel time between people and cities. I do have a list – like for real. Like there is a real list of people who have to, and WILL be punished one way or another for their wicked ways of hate and running their mouth when they’re not supposed to. It doesn’t even have to be a purge, it can just happen anyway. The Buk-Slap ain’t no joke! Dirty & Claas are ready to ride to. It can be a family affair.

MNE –  Who wins Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers and why?

Bukshot – Jason Voorhees all day. Michael’s mask is super dope, and nobody will EVER beat his music, but Jason is the pure embodiment of evil and will never be stopped.

MNE – What are your thoughts on The Underground scene in 2018?!

Bukshot – I think the Underground is killing shit right now! I think the fact that UGA came off of a 6 year hiatus to drop what the fans are saying is “one of the best underground albums in years” is pretty impressive! We have several videos from our brand new album, Anomaly 88, about to start dropping! AXE just dropped a massive banger with The Almighty and the fans are going ape shit over that too! It’s going to be pretty ridiculous seeing the 2 of our groups wreck shit every night on the Fright Fest Tour with Twiztid! Plus you can’t count out Scum & Insane Poetry taking MMMFD on the road with us too! Props and huge shout out to MNE for believing in us and putting us on to let the world know the underground ain’t going anywhere!

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