MNE – You’re about to hit the road with Twiztid on the 15th annual Fright Fest! What’s this mean to you?!

Claas – It’s the shit! I did a Fright Fest tour with Twiztid a few years back and it was amazing. The crowds are always into it, it’s always a great time and obviously with this being UGA’s first official tour it has me super amped about what’s to come. This all means the world to me! The opportunity we’ve been given and hitting the road with great friends is going to be an amazing time!

MNE – What’s the best thing about Halloween to you?

Claas – Everything. Nuff said, lol … I’m an October child. Was born in the 10th, so I love the month and I’m a big horror fan. Paintings, images, figures, Pops etc. They’re all over our house! It’s just one of the best holidays there is!

MNE – There’s a purge announced for tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Claas – Get the guns and load up! We’ve worked too hard to get where we are and for what we have, so you best believe you ain’t takin mine without a bullet, lol. I’m lock-in down and loadin up and we’ll play that game all night!

MNE – Who wins Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers and why?

Claas – Freddy?… nah Jason all day! More power, more ability and he’s not overly concerned with killing his sister! Lol, so he takes the fight but it would be a damn good one to watch!

MNE –  What are your thoughts on The Underground scene in 2018?!

Claas – I think it definitely has room to grow but there’s also a ton of artist that get overshadowed for the work they put in. Rap is a hard game to thrive in and Underground rap is even harder. It takes a lot of time and effort over ability to truly get noticed, everyone raps so it’s what you do beyond that that sets you apart. Your interaction, your stage show, traveling and really getting out there. I think the scene is dope and will always be dope and will always have really dope artists in it that give it their all. It can truly become bigger and bigger as long as the fans continue to engage and really take time to seek out artist’s and represent for those they love.

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