MNE – You’re about to hit the road with TWIZTID on the 15th Annual Fright Fest. What does this mean to you?

Lana Blac – Being part of FRIGHT FEST is such an exciting opportunity for both me personally and my band. I’m looking forward to getting out on the road seeing a vast amount of North America and visiting so many awesome venues. Being part of FRIGHT FEST affords me the opportunity to perform live in front of thousands of people. Plus I’ll get the chance to meet with my fans up close and personal.

MNE – What’s the best thing about Halloween to you?

Lana Blac – Mmm… Well, I’m a vampire so I love Halloween! I’ve always enjoyed frightening humans ever since I was a young girl growing up in The Transylvanian Mountains of Romania. One of the best things that I enjoy about Halloween is the vast array of Horror Films. Plus Halloween is an exciting time for all of my Witch fans, as Halloween IS The Witch’s New Year!

MNE – There’s a PURGE announced for tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Lana Blac – A PURGE… How exciting! I’m thirsty! I view a Purge as a delicious opportunity for me to feed! The first thing I’m going do is search for my favorite blood type… TYPE O NEGATIVE!!!

MNE – Who wins Jason Vorhees, or Michael Myers and why?

Lana Blac – Mmm… I do love both of them.

However, I have to say, Jason. I’ve always loved his handy work in the woods of Camp Crystal Lake! All those delicious victims in the deep dark woods!

As frightening and psychotic as he was, I just never understood how Michael Myers was able to hear his victims with that thick rubber mask covering his entire head. Plus how many bullets does it take to kill him?

MNE –  What are your thoughts on the Underground scene in 2018?!

Lana Blac – I’m digging the Underground Scene in 2018. It’s a tight knit community almost like a family. We’re all connected in a sense that we all believe in the music and getting our music out there no matter what we have to do. Everyone that I’ve met thus far has been really cool.

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