MNE – You’re about to hit the road with Twiztid on the 15th annual Fright Fest! What’s this mean to you?!

Scum – This is my third run with Twiztid and hoping it will be the best one yet, the lineup is fucking epic and we got a lot of sickness in store for those attending!

MNE – What’s the best thing about Halloween to you?!

Scum – Blending in for a month or so since its Halloween for us every month lol, horror and gore of course though!

MNE – There’s a purge announced for tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Scum – Stock up on ammo and take notes on which neighbours are stocking up on groceries and water…then hit a liquor store for a case of jager!

MNE – Who wins Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers and why?

Scum – Jason…what is dead may never die, right? Plus a machete beats a butcher knife in most cases and he is one big motherfucker!

MNE – What are your thoughts on The Underground scene in 2018?!

Scum – It’s on the come up, the quality of recent underground releases is over the top, motherfuckas are being active…touring, doing spot shows, videos, appearances…its hard to survive without major backing so the weak die off and the strong prevail…purge type shit…much love to everyone supporting and promoting this shit and keeping us going!

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