In the furthest reaches of the void, an ancient evil has awakened. This demonic force has risen with one intent: to usher in an age of darkness. It’s craving for the end of all life has manifested itself in the form of three. This ghastly trinity walks the mortal realm as Billy Obey, Joe Black and Lee Carver. The Almighty Alla Xul Elu.

Their hideous visage invokes terror into all mankind. Godless, malformed beasts who only speak in blasphemy. Their doctrine of wickedry and horror is spoken behind grotesque masks made of stitched together putrid flesh. The faces they carry with them beyond death. The Forever Face.

The trinity walk about the land like a plague. The evil they rapidly spread is their pestilence. Coercing and manipulating humankind through strange audio recordings and cryptic preaching. Those who fall under their spell are ripped of their souls and consumed by pure evil. These most devout zealots of the church are known as Xuligans. Their numbers grow by the second. Infiltrating the underground and society, their mission is to spread the dark message of Xul at all cost.

The Olde Gods beckon to you. Will you heed their call? Madness, terror and blood await. Evil is here. The wicked has returned. Praise be to the Almighty.



Necronomichron 2: Dead By Bong




Church of Xul


The Almighty




Sci Co, Vol 1


Head of Horns