About MNE


MNE is more than a company: it’s a movement. The Midwest-based music, merch, and lifestyle machine are responsible for Billboard 200 albums, Top 40 rock singles, and dozens of high-profile events, all executed with an undying commitment to the friends and fans which the MNE crew and their entire roster call “family.” They never begged for acceptance; the mainstream came to them.

Just as John Carpenter masterminded 1978’s Halloween, Robert Rodriguez oversaw every frame of El Mariachi, and Eazy-E sold the first Ruthless Records singles out of his trunk, MAJIK NINJA ENTERTAINMENT arose from the DIY underground, with blood, sweat, and determination.

Home to a burgeoning stable of artists at the forefront of menacing, devilish, and inventive horrorcore rap, theatrical imagery, and steadfast community, MNE emphasizes passion and dedication above all. The MNE discography boasts several certified classics from its eclectic roster, which includes Detroit’s Twiztid; gangster dead man Blaze Ya Dead Homie; Boondox; The R.O.C.; Axe Murder Boys; Lex The Hex Master; G-Mo Skee; Young Wicked, and ghastly “old gods”-invoking trio Alla Xul Elu.

MNE celebrates the outrageous and misunderstood, building a creative crusade around outcasts and misfits who favor the dark underbelly of what pop culture and subculture alike have to offer. MNE’s support for artists is unwavering, as Majik Ninja’s founders are industry vets and artists themselves.

Since the ‘90s, the horrorcore rap and hard rock fiends known worldwide as the “demented duo” Twiztid are championed by Juggalos and fans of “the wicked shit” everywhere. They released more than a half dozen albums with Psychopathic Records before they cofounded Majik Ninja, with George Vlahakis, in 2014. The new venture resulted in Twiztid’s first Top 10 full-lengths, Mad Season (2020) and Generation Nightmare (2019). Childhood friends Jamie Madrox and Monoxide, who met at a Detroit Boys Club, quickly signed Lex The Hex Master and their old friends The R.O.C. and Blaze.

Astronomicon is Majik Ninja’s annual pop-culture convention, offering photo ops, meet-and-greets, and panels to fans, creators, and cosplayers. It spans the worlds of horror, raunchy comedy, cult TV, YouTube, and wrestling. Since the inaugural event in 2018, Astronomicon guests include heavy metal singers Corey Taylor (Slipknot), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills), and Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies); cast members from franchises like Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Clerks, and American Pie; wrestling legends of the WWE and up-and-comers from AEW; comic artists, YouTubers like MrCreepyPasta; and the entire MNE artist roster.

The MNE HQ – decorated with life-size statues of Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and creatures from Ghostbusters – includes a lounge, a warehouse full of curiosities, and The Dojo, a constantly bustling recording studio. Indeed, the office looks like the inside of the minds of MNE’s founders and family.

The Majik Ninja Entertainment roster continues to drop inspired music and merch, spreading their unique visions on stages everywhere, even as the label expands with the same entrepreneurial inventiveness and unquenchable creativity. MNE subsidiaries include Knuckleheadz Toys and the Welcome To The Underground imprint, featuring Top 40 rock radio newcomers Oh! The Horror. They regularly partner with artists, publishers, and manufacturers to make comic books, soda pop (like Monoxide’s Redrum Strawberry and Madrox’s Sour Apple Sludge), and interactive events.

Constantly in motion, like an apex predator in a sea of visions and opportunities, Majik Ninja Entertainment screams and stabs into the future, with mischievous eyes always locked onto the prize.


  • Jamie Spaniolo aka Jamie Madrox
  • Paul Methric aka Monoxide
  • George Vlahakis