Digital Voodoo (2017)



  1. Digital Voodoo
  2. Let Me Out ft. G-Mo Skee
  3. Tear It Up ft. Blaze & Boondox
  4. The Chalmer
  5. Dr. No ft. Jason Cortez
  6. Hecklers ft. Kuniva of D12 & Trick Trick
  7. Clouds Black Out The Sun
  8. Still Running ft. Sam Kay
  9. Disgusted ft. Twiztid
  10. Sleeper Cell ft. R.A. The Rugged Man, Whitney Peyton & Redd
  11. What Is Hell? ft. Esham & Mastamind
  12. When They Hear It ft. Kung Fu Vampire & Prozak
  13. Zombies At The Apocalypse ft. Jahred of Hed PE
  14. Revels In The Dark ft. Lex The Hex Master & Sam Kay