Lasers And Poison (2021)



  1. Lasers and Poison
  2. Dinosaurs
  3. Force Fed Famine
  4. Chemicals
  5. Lizard Tongues
  6. Heart on the Table (feat. Dienasty The Mexican Thuggalo)
  7. Lied To
  8. Amphetamine Suicide (feat. Jason Cruz of Strung Out)
  9. Broadcast the Apocalypse
  10. Losing My Mind (feat. Twiztid)
  11. Built For This
  12. Try to Stay Alive (feat. Jason Devore of Authority Zero & Skeptik)
  13. End of the World (feat. McNastee)
  14. First World Problems (feat. Krypto Man)
  15. The Right Vote (feat. Bisshop & Raw-D)
  16. Toy Gory 2 (feat. Blackfoot505, Nos Insidious, THC the Oddity, The H.O.F., Krypto Man, Skeptik, YDMC, N3kr0t!k, AndrewVDG, Jamie Madrox & Monoxide)